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Browse through our delicious selection of craft beers. It’s ever changing and with new arrivals weekly, you’ll notice there is limited stock, but do get in touch if you have a favourite and would like more ordered.

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  • 9 in stock

    Excellent oak aged,funky, tart, pale. 9% 375ml bottle

  • 7 in stock

    Perfect pale, fermented in Rioja casks with added clementines. Christmas in a glass. 6% 375ml bottle

  • 12 in stock

    Red ale with orange, lemon, winter spices and fresh cranberry purée. 5.5% 440ml can

  • 11 in stock

    Lightly roasted black IPA with notes of orange citrus and blueberry. 5.2% 440ml can

  • 12 in stock

    A decadent and comforting festive treat with notes of candied orange, caramel and spice. 9% 440ml can

  • 12 in stock

    Classic American red ale with notes of toffee and caramel. 4.8% 440ml can

  • 7 in stock

    Smooth, roasted, dark and rich export oyster stout. 6.3% 330ml bottle

  • 10 in stock

    Rich, delicious, seasonal plum Porter. 5.3% 330ml bottle

  • 10 in stock

    A hand picked box of 12 x 440ml cans of Scottish craft beers. A fantastic collection covering a range of styles and strengths from some of Scotland’s best independent small brewers.

  • 10 in stock

    A hand picked box of 12 x 500 ml bottles of Scottish craft ales. A beautiful selection of truly fine ales, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas

  • 9 in stock

    Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout conditioned on cacao nibs. Smooth, boozy, chocolate. 11% 440ml can.

  • 11 in stock

    Sessionable, hazy pale, juicy, tropical and thirst quenching. 5% 440ml can

  • 11 in stock

    DDH IPA. Hazy, aromatic, juicy pale with tropical peachy flavours and white grape notes. 6.5% 440ml can.

  • 23 in stock

    Moocdu cured meats snacking salami. Highland artisan, small batch producer. Delicious with a beer. Each pack contains 3 or 4 salami sticks with a minimum weight per pack of 50grammes

  • 4 in stock

    5 litre mini keg, Jarl, Citra session blonde 3.8% Not available for shipping.

  • 11 in stock

    Award winning imperial stout aged in rum barrels for 9 months for a rich rum sweetness and subtle plum notes layered with hints of coffee and a smooth, dry finish. 11.6% 330ml bottle


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