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Browse through our delicious selection of craft beers. It’s ever changing and with new arrivals weekly, you’ll notice there is limited stock, but do get in touch if you have a favourite and would like more ordered.

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  • 26 in stock

    Traditional cold fermented classic Pilsner resulting in a crisp, clean brew. 4.3% 500ml bottle.

  • 21 in stock

    Clean, full flavoured, lightly toasty lager. 5.5% 440ml can.

  • 1 in stock

    Hafn Helles lager inspired by German and Czech style. Tettnang and Saaz hops, crisp and refreshing. 4.4% 440ml can

  • 12 in stock

    Light, clean, hoppy and smooth German Pilsner. 4.8% 330ml bottle

  • 7 in stock

    German influenced Glasgow Pilsner using UK organic hops, German yeast and Scotch Annat Barley. Crisp, clear and refreshing. 5% 330ml bottle

  • 20 in stock

    Inverkeithing Inner Bay Brewery Quartz. A traditional Kellerbier. Smooth, fresh, hazy style lager. 5% 500ml bottle

  • 1 in stock

    Malty, dry, Amber Italian bock style lager. 6.2% 440ml can

  • 5 in stock

    Delicious light tasting lemon rice lager. 5% 330ml can

  • 11 in stock

    Inverness Dog Falls Kolsch style. Light, crisp and refreshing 4.8% 440ml can

  • 18 in stock

    Clean, balanced, crisp Italian style. 4% 440ml can

  • 25 in stock

    Satisfying, crisp and refreshing. Classic pilsner meets delicate fruity hops. 4.7% 440ml can


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