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  • 12 in stock

    Sour IPA with Galaxy and Eclipse. A massive juice bomb. 6% 375ml bottle

  • 12 in stock

    Fermented and aged on Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grape skins. Hybrid zippy, funky with gooseberries and farmhouse flavours. 6.5% 375ml bottle

  • 5 in stock

    Collaboration between Holy Goat x Balance Brewing. Barrel aged, bottle conditioned. Strong golden sour aged with Scottish gooseberries. 8.2% 750ml bottle

  • 7 in stock

    Fragrant hibiscus flower with flavours of cranberry, red fruit, peaches and citrus. 4.2% 440ml can.

  • 6 in stock

    A blend of barrel aged spontaneously fermented wild ales, aged on apple pomace. Crisp, vibrant and rich with juicy apple notes. 6.2% 375ml bottle.

  • 6 in stock

    Uk Jester hopped wild table beer. 3.8% 375ml bottle.

  • 5 in stock

    Gooseberry wild ale. A blend of barrel aged spontaneously fermented wild ales finished on whole Scottish gooseberries. Crisp, vibrant and earthy. 5.8% 375ml bottle.

  • 6 in stock

    Wild Biere de Garde saison fermented with Belgian yeast and aged with Origins house mixed culture. 7.5% 375ml bottle.

  • 9 in stock

    Zingy limeade with Cherry on top! 4.7% 440ml can.

  • 8 in stock

    Fresh juicy pears with light and fragrant elderflower. Springtime! 4.2% 440ml can.

  • 10 in stock

    Mixed fruit and mixed ferment American wild ale, with blueberry, sour Cherry, physalis, pomegranate and passion fruit. Aged in Aux Gravains Pinot Noir barrels for 12 months. 7.2% 375ml bottle.

  • 14 in stock

    Balla-Mara Gose made with foraged Sea Buckthorn and Blackthorn salt. Tart, refreshing and tangy. Taste of the seaside. 4.5% 330ml bottle.

  • 8 in stock

    A tart and refreshing pineapple and passion fruit Gose brewed as a collaboration with The Hanging Bat. 4.3% 440ml can.

  • 4 in stock

    A collaboration between two titans. Wild fermented saison. Barrel aged on whole apricots. Complex beer with rich fruit flavours and a crisp, tart finish. 6% 750 ml bottle

  • 5 in stock

    Salty, sour, lemony, fruity. Lemon and samphire Gose. 4.7% 440ml can.

  • 10 in stock

    BA Flanders Red with Scottish strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants. 7% 375ml bottle.


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