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  • 17 in stock

    A blend of two imperial stouts aged in different speyside whisky barrels along with cacao and three varieties of oranges. An old school imperial stout vibe with bitter chocolate and orange along with smoke and caramel. 11.5% 440ml can.

  • 24 in stock

    Roasted, smoky, earthy. 8% 440ml can.

  • 9 in stock

    A deep and complex stout with waves of coffee and dark chocolate aroma. 4% 440ml can.

  • 11 in stock

    Export stout with dark sugar, chillies, Tonka, vanilla and spice. 11% 330ml can

  • 6 in stock

    BA Imperial Stout aged in bourbon casks. Expect sweet vanilla, oak and a little cacao. 11% 750ml bottle.

  • 5 in stock

    BA Imperial Stout aged in Jamaican Rum casks. Rich, dark, boozy and delicious. 11% 750ml bottle

  • 8 in stock

    Export strength stout brewed with single origin organic cacao from the Marañon Canyon in north Peru. Malty layers of dark roasted chocolate. 5.8% 440ml can.

  • 1 in stock

    Toasty, sweet, rich, vanilla stout. 6% 440ml can

  • 1 in stock

    A classic, malty, smooth, easy drinking 80/-. 4.3% 440ml can.

  • 12 in stock

    Strong stout matured in wood for two years with wild yeast contributing complex dark fruit notes. 8.4% 750ml bottle

  • 6 in stock

    A blend of Sinnister Brew stout aged in an Ardlair whisky barrel and an Otherworld Brewing stout aged in Glenlivet whisky barrel. These two were blended together along with black Cherry, toasted coconut and cocoa. 11.2% 440ml can.

  • 19 in stock

    A blend of two imperial stouts. One aged in a Tokaji dessert wine barrel and the other in a 12 year Blair Athol whisky barrel. The combo gives an old school imp stout vibe along side a sweet dessert wine, little sweet/little savoury. 12% 440ml can

  • 10 in stock

    A nod to the classic North East Brown Ale. Complex and easy drinking. 5.2% 440ml can

  • 8 in stock

    A historic and traditional Scottish style reimagined by Newbarns and Epochal. Dark Amber colour, rich and full flavoured. 10% 330ml bottle

  • 7 in stock

    Overtone and masters of the dark side, Emperors, combine to make a colossal imperial stout aged on Tonka beans. Roasty, spicy, dark, chocolate 12.8% 440 ml can

  • 5 in stock

    Award winning imperial stout aged in rum barrels for 9 months for a rich rum sweetness and subtle plum notes layered with hints of coffee and a smooth, dry finish. 11.6% 330ml bottle


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