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Browse through our delicious selection of craft beers. It’s ever changing and with new arrivals weekly, you’ll notice there is limited stock, but do get in touch if you have a favourite and would like more ordered.

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  • 7 in stock

    This is a traditional German winter bock. Dark, malty, sweet, smooth and rich. 6.7% 500ml bottle

  • 5 in stock

    This märzen style beer is brewed for one of Bavaria’s most important festivals. This copper coloured beer is warm, malty and full bodied. Kirtabier is unfiltered. 5.8% 500ml bottle.

  • 6 in stock

    Rich, velvety, dark and fruity Christmas ale. 10% 750ml bottle

  • 2 in stock

    Oktoberfest Beer from one of the world’s oldest breweries.

  • 6 in stock

    Oak aged Flanders red style. Sharp and fruity. 6% 33ml bottle

  • 6 in stock

    Strong, blond Belgian beer. 8.5% 330ml but

  • 18 in stock

    Brussels brewery barrel aged farmhouse ale. Expect aromas of wine, peach and nectarine. Dry, hoppy and funky. 6.5% 330ml bottle

  • 19 in stock

    German Radler Lemony, fruity, light and refreshing. 2.2% 500ml can

  • 21 in stock

    Belgian Pale Trappist Dry, sour, fruity, sweet, light. 6.2% 330ml bottle

  • 2 in stock

    Traditional wheat beer brewed unaltered in accordance with the original recipe since 1872. Smooth banana, sweet and light. 5.4% 500ml bottle

  • 16 in stock

    Traditional Flemish red ale matured in oak barrels. 6.2% 11IBU 330ml bottle

  • 21 in stock

    Hefeweizen and grapefruit juice. Fruity, light and refreshing. 2.5% 500ml can


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